The Movement for $15

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While the U.S. economy continues to see steady growth, real wages are declining for the average U.S. worker – particularly for those in low-wage occupations. This dynamic has prompted a national conversation around income inequality and created momentum for efforts to raise the minimum wage to a more meaningful level.

No longer just a rallying cry, since 2014 the call for a $15 wage has spread to a growing number of jurisdictions –  including major cities and states. The following resources make the case for the need for and feasibility of phasing the minimum wage up to around $15, and illustrate the strong public support high-wage proposals enjoy.


NELP Reports & Fact Sheets

Report | The Growing Movement for $15
  Fact Sheet | Governor Cuomo's Call for Raising New York's Minimum Wage to $15 Statewide
  Fact Sheet | A $15 Minimum Wage for New York's Fast-Food Workers
  Data Brief | A $15 Minimum Wage for Bank Workers
  Data Brief | GIving Caregivers a Raise: The Impact of a $15 Wage Floor in the Home Care Industry
  Report | Manufacturing Low Pay: Declining Wages in the Jobs that Built America's Middle Class


Policies and Campaigns

Federal, State, Local | $15 Minimum Wage Laws & Current Campaigns
  Federal | Sanders/Ellison Federal $15 Minimum Wage Bill, Fact Sheet, Economists' Letter
  Business | The Fight for $15: Existing High Dollar Value Minimum Wage - Employers Chart



  National | Results of National Poll of Workers Paid Less Than $15 per Hour
National | NELP-Hart Poll: 63% support $15 minimum wage by 2020
  New York | Quinnipiac Poll: 62% support $15 minimum wage
  California | Field Poll: 68% support $15 minimum wage by 2021



CNBC | Gov. Cuomo is Right About $15 Minimum Wage (September 10, 2015)
  CNN | $15 Minimum Wage: A Domino Effect? (July 24, 2015)
CNN | Fight for $15 is Winning in Seattle (May 15, 2014)
  MSNBC | Opposition to Raising the Minimum Wage is Crumbling (October 14, 2014)
CNN | Could $15 Minimum Wage Be Getting Closer (September 4, 2015)
  MSNBC | Home Care Workers Join the 'Fight for $15' (September 4, 2014)
MSNBC | Fast Food Workers' Strike Gains Steam (Demeber 4, 2014)
  TIME | The $15 Minimum Wage is a Bellwether of the New Living Wage (August 29, 2014)


Other Research

  Fact Sheet | U. Mass 200 Economists' Letter on Sanders $15 Minimum Wage Bill
  Report | U. Mass Fast Food $15 Minimum Wage Analysis
  Report | U.C. Berkeley Los Angeles $15 Minimum Wage Analysis
  Report | U.C. Berkeley San Francisco $15 Minimum Wage Analysis
  Report | Alliance for a Just Society Living Wage Analysis



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